East Japan 2013 Day 7: Around Yokohama

Day 7: November 7, 2013
Yokohama Bay and Chinatown

We had a day of rest after 6 days of non-stop walking around Tokyo and Yokohama. We decided to chillax and have to take our day slow since we will be travelling to Hakone the next day and it will be our 7th anniversary.

First glimpse of Autumn in Yokohama

Our day started a little late and since I am sort of sick and I am still adapting to the cold winds (and its drizzling every afternoon, I did not use umbrella at all). I need comfort food so what better way to end my sickness is to find a restaurant that offers all day breakfast. Being a researcher myself, I am prepared to such thing and I've seen that the famous Hawaii restaurant - Eggs and Things can be found in Yokohama. :) And well, we have an itinerary today!

Eggs and Things is located in Star Hotel in Yokohama, about 20 minutes away from Louie's apartment.

Eggs and Things famous door. We were seated at the patio,
which I loved since I got to do people-watching. 

I was too late to take the picture, the whipped cream stumbled already. This is a 5-pc pancake set with bananas,
nuts and whipped cream on top (cost about Php 400.00)

Strawberry, Vanilla and Honey-Maple syrup. 


Just like many of the countries I have been to, one of their major common denominator is having their Chinatown. I think, these Chinese was able to conquer some of these Asian countries.

After grabbing brunch from Eggs and Things, we walked towards Chinatown (about 10 minute walk from the restaurant). Yokohama Chinatown is the largest in Japan and all of Asia, and is one of the largest in the world. It is surrounded by 4 major gates and five more gates can be found within the area.

One of the gates in Chinatown. 

Walking further down the road, you will see one of the temples in Chinatown and probably the biggest of them all - Kanteibyo Temple. This temple was built in 18th century by the Chinese immigrants themselves.

Kanteibyo Temple. (That's me, by the way!)

Inside the temple grounds. 

Scriptures at the gate. 

After passing by the Temple, we decided to walk farther more down the road and saw very interesting things:

Japanese school backpacks, for real! :) I was tempted to bring back one in the Philippines, but realized I am too old to use this. It really looks good on Japanese school girls! 

Panda stores - we passed by three of the Panda stores along Chinatown. What better way to present the fusion of two
countries than Hello Kitty wearing a Panda suit. :) (Or is it, Panda eating Hello Kitty?)

One of the alleys in Chinaatown. 

Just like many of the Chinatowns I have been to, food is the main attraction in Yokohama Chinatown. Sadly, coming from a big brunch few minutes before, we weren't able to taste some of them. I promised to go back and have a taste (di ba, Louie?).

Walking and sort-of-getting lost in Chinatown, we decided to end the day by meeting some of Louie's officemates for dinner. It was a slow-paced kind of day, since tomorrow will be another walkathon.

East Japan day 6: Be Kids again (Japan Edition) in Tokyo Disneyland!

Day 6: November 6, 2013
Tokyo Disneyland

(This is a photodump post. Nothing beats pictures of twenty-plus old adults going crazy on childhood stuff.)

Its another day at the park. Despite the limited number of rides we took in Disneysea, we still went back to the Disney Resort, this time we spent the day to Disneyland. We got the two day pass, since it saves up more monies. I have been to Hong Kong Disneyland, and boy! It was definitely a day of walking and running to get our pictures taken with Disney characters.

This time, I had enough of the characters, and decided to just have fun (hopefully with the rides and finds at Disneyland). Louie has been at the resort for more than 3 times, so I decided he'll be my guide. :) This was hard, I am always the guide whenever I travel with friends. Anyhow, these are the sights we had during our Disneyland trip.


Located much nearer to the Maihama-Disneyland line, Tokyo Disneyland is just right beside the Disneysea and was opened in 1983. It is a lot bigger than the Hongkong Disneyland with 47 hectares of land, compared to HK's 28 hectares. So, if you have been in HK and your feet cursed you for all the walking, better say sorry to them now as you brace Tokyo Disneyland.

The Tokyo Disney Resort Gate (walking distance from the train station) and the Cinderella Castle in the morning.

Adventureland and some totem poles

Pirates of the Carribean ride. Hello Jack Sparrow! (Where's Will Turner by the way?)

Mickey and Minnie at the Enchanted Tiki Room

The Haunted Mansion featuring Tim Burton's Jack.

Splash Mountain (aka a way better version of Jungle Log Jam).

Me taken as a dog prisoner and Louie with Jack's hat (Yes, I made him do this. The perks of seeing each other once a year.)

Trying out Hidden Mickey on lunch.
Since I am not really a fan of extreme rides, I spent most of our time taking back photos of people visiting Disneyland. A lot crazier than what I have seen in Hong Kong, I love how Japanese people wear their thing.

Sights in Tokyo Disneyland. Sorry, I have to post the non-recognizable pic of the cute baby  (baka makasuhan ako) but he is too damn cute not to share.
Do not look at the legs (repeat several times). A fan of Michael Jackson in EO movie (obvious ba?).

Students at Disneyland. We visited on a Thursday and they are around Disneyland during this time.

Why not visit Disneyland on your best princess outfit? Right - It was Autumn when we visited the park, so they have warmers on their gowns.

Lighted Cinderella castle! :)

Unlike Disneysea, there are two parades in Disneyland. One in the morning, which is , and from November to January, they have the Lights Show in the evening.

HAPPINESS IS HERE - 30th Anniversary Parade

In celebration of Tokyo Disneyland's 30th anniversary, they have their afternoon parade called Happiness is Here. It is one of the two parades each for November to January. Disney characters - such as Mickey and Minnie opened and closed the parade, along side with their buddies, Donald, Daisy and Goofy. Other characters are from Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story.

Mickey starting the parade.

Pinocchio and other Disney friends.

The Round Up Gang

The Princesses

Alice and the Red Queen

Goofy, Daisy. Donald and the Chipmunks

Mickey and Minnie in their Golden clothes


At night time, around 7 in the evening, the second parade starts - this making the whole of Disneyland beeming and glowing with Christmas lights. This time, each of the characters is covered with Christmas lights, with all the tediousness and careful placements of each light.

Sleeping Beauty and Snow White

Nemo, Sully and Mike

Tinkerbell and The Chipmunks

Cheshire the Cat and Dragon
Aladdin and Jasmine
Both parades lasted for about 2 hours, with all the merryment and dancing. :)

Tokyo Disneyland is definitely different from its SEA sister, HK Disneyland. One, it has more rides catering for both adults and children (coming from a chicken like me), it has fastpass (which saves you time from all the lines) and it has Pirates of the Carribean! Do I need to say more? :)

It was fairly normal to the Japanese people that you take their picture or have your picture taken by them. Not like what we experienced in Hong Kong which guests rarely help other people. It was less noisy too! :)

For two days, we visited the Disney Resorts world and I asked Louie, "Are these students really allowed to go inside the themepark?". Unfortunately, they are and they are seldom checked by their parents whether they go to school or not. :(

Anyhow, tomorrow will be another day! :)

East Japan 2013 Day 5: Be Kids Again (Japan Edition) at Disneysea!

Day 5, November 5, 2013
Tokyo Disneysea

I am not a fan of theme parks. Honestly, I am afraid of those "free-fall" feeling - the sudden drop. But theme parks are hard to miss especially when you're taking about Disney. :) It will always be an opportunity for pictorials.

Tokyo Disneysea is the only sea-inspired park at the Disney franchise. This is very unique in Japan. Despite its name, it is not really located in Tokyo, but in Maihama, about 30mins from Tokyo Central Station. I was happy that this time, the weather cooperated and it was a sunny day!

Our day started very early since we are an hour away from Maihama. We took the train to Tokyo, changed at the central station (very crazy station!) to Maihama and rode the Disney train off to Disneysea.
We were a month away from Christmas so this greeted us when we arrived at the Disneyland Station. 

Tokyo Disneysea covers a lot more than Hong Kong Disneyland. It has more rides than its Hong Kong counterpart, with several unique ones as well. Attractions are one of the kind, since this is more of a sea-themed resort.

Cool outfit of Disneyland hostess. 

Mountain of the Mysterious Island

Tower of Terror. We didn't ride this but Louie tried this during his past visit to Disneysea.
A haunted hotel with different things to find as a detective. By the end of the ride, elevator
will take you to the highest floor and free fall you to the lobby. I almost fainted on the free fall
part - we are just at the outside. So, no, thank you!

The Venetian Gondolas. I wasn't able to try this at the Venetian Hotel in Macau, so why not take it in Disneysea.

Various vehicles around the American Waterfront. 

The Magic Land Theater in Arabian Coast. 

The Mediterranean Harbor
Journey to the Center of the Earth ride. Remember the mountain on the first picture?
The ride will take you at the top of that mountain and shots you down. 

Ariel's Playground at the Mermaid Lagoon

Toy Story Mania in American Waterfront

Us with Goofy's son, Max!

Our set lunch in 
Aquatopia in Port Discovery

Disneysea Electric Railway

Fast Pass Machine - You check what time is the fast pass covered, get a fast pass
and get back on your designated time. Limited tickets per time.
Guests with fast pass fall in a separate line and accommodated quickly.
However, be sure to be there 30 mins before the time or
else, tickets will be forfeited. 

Disneysea Tramsit Steamer line

Steamer train in Mountain

Port in front of the 20,000 Leagues under the sea

Another day has ended, and it ended with a fountain show in Disneysea.

Our next stop tomorrow, Day 2 at the Disney Resort - Tokyo Disneyland.