East Japan 2013 Day 7: Around Yokohama

Day 7: November 7, 2013
Yokohama Bay and Chinatown

We had a day of rest after 6 days of non-stop walking around Tokyo and Yokohama. We decided to chillax and have to take our day slow since we will be travelling to Hakone the next day and it will be our 7th anniversary.

First glimpse of Autumn in Yokohama

Our day started a little late and since I am sort of sick and I am still adapting to the cold winds (and its drizzling every afternoon, I did not use umbrella at all). I need comfort food so what better way to end my sickness is to find a restaurant that offers all day breakfast. Being a researcher myself, I am prepared to such thing and I've seen that the famous Hawaii restaurant - Eggs and Things can be found in Yokohama. :) And well, we have an itinerary today!

Eggs and Things is located in Star Hotel in Yokohama, about 20 minutes away from Louie's apartment.

Eggs and Things famous door. We were seated at the patio,
which I loved since I got to do people-watching. 

I was too late to take the picture, the whipped cream stumbled already. This is a 5-pc pancake set with bananas,
nuts and whipped cream on top (cost about Php 400.00)

Strawberry, Vanilla and Honey-Maple syrup. 


Just like many of the countries I have been to, one of their major common denominator is having their Chinatown. I think, these Chinese was able to conquer some of these Asian countries.

After grabbing brunch from Eggs and Things, we walked towards Chinatown (about 10 minute walk from the restaurant). Yokohama Chinatown is the largest in Japan and all of Asia, and is one of the largest in the world. It is surrounded by 4 major gates and five more gates can be found within the area.

One of the gates in Chinatown. 

Walking further down the road, you will see one of the temples in Chinatown and probably the biggest of them all - Kanteibyo Temple. This temple was built in 18th century by the Chinese immigrants themselves.

Kanteibyo Temple. (That's me, by the way!)

Inside the temple grounds. 

Scriptures at the gate. 

After passing by the Temple, we decided to walk farther more down the road and saw very interesting things:

Japanese school backpacks, for real! :) I was tempted to bring back one in the Philippines, but realized I am too old to use this. It really looks good on Japanese school girls! 

Panda stores - we passed by three of the Panda stores along Chinatown. What better way to present the fusion of two
countries than Hello Kitty wearing a Panda suit. :) (Or is it, Panda eating Hello Kitty?)

One of the alleys in Chinaatown. 

Just like many of the Chinatowns I have been to, food is the main attraction in Yokohama Chinatown. Sadly, coming from a big brunch few minutes before, we weren't able to taste some of them. I promised to go back and have a taste (di ba, Louie?).

Walking and sort-of-getting lost in Chinatown, we decided to end the day by meeting some of Louie's officemates for dinner. It was a slow-paced kind of day, since tomorrow will be another walkathon.

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